Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ten months after graduation... Long way to go

For any of you who occasionally check my blog... SURPRISE! I am trying to start it back up again! My awesome sister Jessica told me about the blogger app and it planted a blogging motivation seed in me. So where to pick up at? Well since my last post was about graduation from SNOW College 3 years ago (blush) I will sum up time from there. 
We moved in with my parents in hopes to start building a home in Corinne where my husband is from. There was a neighborhood subdivision going up and it was for first time home owners to build homes with other families. Well that fell through so we ended up living with my parents for about six months while isaac worked for my brother Dave doing lawn care and home maintenance and was a CNA on the weekend. In October we moved into a rental town home on the north end of Brigham. While living there Isaac got on with Honeyville grain and I worked at super cuts until I had our first child Corbin Lamont Walker on feb. 28th of 2011. 
I think I will stop there for now and continue later when my toddler isn't running wild and crazy while I sit down for ten minutes to nurse my 5 month old :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I DID IT! I graduated from SNOW COLLEGE on May 1st. I was so blessed to have my family come down and support me in this accomplishment.
Graduates and Parental Units :D

Isaac's Parents

Together since Elementary School!

Brother and Sister Graduating Together!

SNOW Graduates!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sister visit!

This week has been such an adventure. Last Thursday I was asked to come put together an enrichment birthday party in a week. Granted I did have help but there were a total of 4 of us from the Enrichment and Relief Society Presidency. I was the one who came up with the decorations and craft on Monday and pitched it to the others. They loved it and then it was all on me to put it together (the others did help but I was the one go to girl). We had decided to paint 3.5 inch blocks in spring colors and then modge-podge scrapbook paper on one side of them and then spelled out SPRING in vinal on the blocks. On Monday evening we hand delivered around 80 invitations to all of the sisters in our ward. On Wednesday night I worked on with 3 other sisters in the ward to sand around 200 blocks that had just been cut for the activity. On Thursday I arrived at the church at 4:30 and helped set up and decorate the gym. Everything fell together nicely. I now realize how much work goes into an Enrichment Night and I am glad it is all over so I can work on finishing my projects for all my classes. Here is a picture of the blocks that I put together.

So on Wednesday afternoon Isaac left on a backpacking trip for his backpacking class and would be gone until Sunday. The enrichment night occuplied me on Wednesday and Thursday night so on Friday my sister Jessica came down to visit and brought my two nephews Jacob (2)and Joshua (3 weeks). My friends Rochelle and Bridgette watched Jacob for us while I cut and colored Jessica's hair. Afterwards we went back to my apartment and ate pizza while Jacob watched Finding Nemo. Then we went for a walk to and around campus and back. When we got back we had rassberry sherbert with sprite and then watched Baby Mama. Here are a few pictures of our fun times we had!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

Oh how I miss those Easter Weekends of making sugar cookies and decorating eggs. This weekend I have accomplished staying in my pjs the entire day! Now that the day is over I realize it wasn't as cool as it sounded.
Inbetween conference sessions and after my cousin Katy came over and helped me start boxing up my appartment. I believe we did about 5 boxes today. Then it hit me... I am going to be out of here in less than a month! I can't wait to move back up north and be closer to family.
In the next month and a half, things I have to look forward to: 5 more days of work over the next 3 weeks, 16 days of school and 4 days of finals, 28 days left until I graduate!!! I am not looking forward to Isaac leaving on a backpacking trip this next week but on the up side my sister Jessica coming down to visit me! She has always been the one to put others before herself and I can wait to give her a day at my salon from her hair to her toes!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


WOW hello everyone! It's been awhile I know. Since my last post I have finished one more semester at SNOW College with A's and B's started my last semester here!

I am so excited for this semester, I am taking all classes that I want to well besides Human Bio. I am taking Creative Activities for Children, Playground Education, Personal and Family Health, Family Relations and Sign Language- 18 credits and all. Isaac still wanting to work his fourty hours a week decided to take 10 credits this semester which include: Math 1010, Organic Chemistry, and Fit For Life.

I am so looking forward to this year and the new adventures it will bring. Isaac and I will celebrate our one year anniversary on March 6th, my best friend Charlotte is getting married a week later. I will gradutate from SNOW on May 1st and Isaac will transfer to the USU Brigham Extension to finish his Associates and then apply for the nursing program at WSU. In may I will try 21 WOOT WOOT I would really love to go play some slots in Vegas but we will see what actually happens. At the end of May Isaac and I will be traveling to Penn. to visit Isaac's brother's mission. And as far as babies go..... Well we aren't prego yet but we will see what this year brings.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Peach Days!

To quote my mother Peach Days comes after Christmas in our family calendar year. Me and Isaac were lucky enough to get to go home for Peach Days. He ran the 10k unforunately I didn't get any pictures of that. However this one picture I did get I believe sums up everything wonderful about Peach Days.


Well its been about a month since I updated my blog. Not because there hasn't been much going on I just wasn't really motivated. So the first week after school started down here me and Isaac were trying to decide what to do with our Saturday. Then we got to thinking it would be fun to go and use the paddle boats at Palisades (a little lake about 15 miles south of ephraim) but we didn't want to go alone. Thats when I had the brillant idea of inviting my sister Jessica and her husband Ivan to come down and join us as a surprise to my brother Ben. They argreed and came down for the day. Altogether there were my two friends Bridgette and Rochelle, my cousin Katy, me and Isaac, my brother Ben and my sister Jessica her husband Ivan and their baby Jacob. Made for a great first weekend of the start of school!

Jessica warming Jacob up after his swim

Shel and Bridge eating our BBQ

Ivan and Isaac cookin up the burgers

Can you see the family resemblance?
poor kid haha just kidding jess is beautiful

Jacob ready to dive in!

Me and Ben swimmin

Isaac pulling back a float away boat