Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ten months after graduation... Long way to go

For any of you who occasionally check my blog... SURPRISE! I am trying to start it back up again! My awesome sister Jessica told me about the blogger app and it planted a blogging motivation seed in me. So where to pick up at? Well since my last post was about graduation from SNOW College 3 years ago (blush) I will sum up time from there. 
We moved in with my parents in hopes to start building a home in Corinne where my husband is from. There was a neighborhood subdivision going up and it was for first time home owners to build homes with other families. Well that fell through so we ended up living with my parents for about six months while isaac worked for my brother Dave doing lawn care and home maintenance and was a CNA on the weekend. In October we moved into a rental town home on the north end of Brigham. While living there Isaac got on with Honeyville grain and I worked at super cuts until I had our first child Corbin Lamont Walker on feb. 28th of 2011. 
I think I will stop there for now and continue later when my toddler isn't running wild and crazy while I sit down for ten minutes to nurse my 5 month old :)


  1. you have two kids i had no idea. just to let you know the colors on your blog are really hard to read. because the words are the same color as the background

  2. So excited to read your blof more!